maandag 8 juni 2015

Ishi Pattern Blog Tour

I am very happy to be part of the exciting Ishi Pattern Blog Tour today! From the first moment I saw a preview of the dress, I knew my daughter would love it! And when I found out the meaning of "Ishi" (little stone, because little girls like to collect little stones in their pockets), I completely fell in love! Unfortunately, my daughter prefers to collect sweets and cookies in her big pockets... Look how happy she is to show them on the pictures.

The first dress I am showing, I sewed as a test dress for the pattern test. I didn't have a lot of time, so I thought I found a short cut. I used a knit fabric and skipped the lining. Wel, I think I spent more time thinking about solutions than I actually sewed. Also because I used a striped fabric, it took me a lot of time to cut the pattern pieces. 

Fortunately the result was appreciated by my daughter. I think it will be a perfect holiday dress! Although the stripes were a little bit difficult, I think they are just perfect for this pattern. The dress looks rather ordinary, but I added several details that you discover when you look closer: Neon bias and piping and a pocket lining in Petit Pan fabric.

Piping and bias: Veritas

I didn't completely finish the first dress yet, or I was already thinking about a second and even a third one. So I immediately cut the parts of the second dress and sewed until I had to insert the zipper, and then it took me forever to buy one. So I only finished it last friday!

I like clothing with color blocking, but I just never buy or make it myself. And luckily the pattern is also perfect for dresses made out of one fabric. The piping accentuates the beautiful lines in the pattern. For the lining of the pockets I used a peach fabric. Combined with a peach cardigan and hair flower and parrot green sandals, it is totally my style :-). I am sorry for the overload of pictures, choosing is not my strenght...

I hope I can find a little time to finish the third dress ( with color blocking this time!) soon!

Fabric and bias: Veritas
Pocket lining: Soft Cactus at Bellelien
Hair flower: H&M

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooi! Ik vind het zeker zo geslaagd, zo in één stof!

  2. Wauw, ik vind de Ishi zo eigenlijk veel mooier, in een stof met een contrasterende piping. Jouw testversie is echt geweldig. Ik zou die in de winkel zo gekocht hebben.

  3. Een fotoshoot met een hele koekjesdoos! Als dat geen motivatie is :)

  4. Prachtige Ishi's, allebei! Ik hou van de kleuren en de originele details. En ik kijk uit naar nummer 3! Stuur ze zeker in voor de wedstrijd he... 't Lijken me zeker kanshebbers :-) Nog eens een dikke merci om een geweldige tester te zijn ook!

  5. Ooo, de streepjes versie is mijn favoriet! Geweldig idee met de fluo paspel, ga ik ook uitproberen! Echt mooi!

  6. Allebei gewoon heerlijk! Het neon accent en het feit dat de streepjes telkens anders staan vind ik een super accent!!!

  7. It is the most beautiful version of the Ishi dress for me so far (I looooove the piping !).